Getting Started with Kotlin in Intellij IDEA

If you are going to start kotlin in Intellij then you are on the right place. You can follow the simple steps to start the kotlin in Intellij. Steps are as usual, if you are using already Intellij then you don’t need to reinstall it. But if you are not seeing kotlin option in your Intellij IDEA then you should install the latest version from here. Then follow the below simple steps.

Getting Started with Kotlin in Intellij IDEA

First create a new project in Intellij IDEA then select the kotlin option and click the Next button.

Now give a name to your project select the other option and click to Next.

Now project has been created.

Now you have to create a simple Kotlin file. Which you can create by the following steps.

Right click on the src folder > New > Kotlin File/Class.

Now give a name to your file as I gave HelloWorld. You can give any other name.

Now you are ready to write your Hello World Program in Kotlin.

Paste the below code in your file to test is it working or not.

To run this code you have to click on the Kotlin Flag on the left side and click on Run.

Once you run the program you can see the Run buttons on the top right side and the output will be on the left bottom console.