How to Use Whatsapp on PC

Whatsapp is the great communication application which provide real time messaging with media sharing. You can share media as photos, videos, songs and even self recorded voice. Whatsapp is available only for mobile and is being used on android, iphone, ipad and all other branded mobiles, they didn’t created any desktop application for it because their target is mobile users. So to use whatsapp on PC you have to create an android virtual machine which you can create using bluestack or something else similar. So here I will share two way to use whatsapp on computer.

1) Whatsapp on Pc without any software

This is the most secure way to use whatsapp I ever seen, because in this way you have to connect with the same internet. I mean you have to connect laptop/computer/pc and the mobile with the same internet connection. If your mobile will disconnect from the internet then the whatsapp website will also disconnected automatically. Now let me share the steps to follow to use whatsapp.

  1. First of all you have to connect whatsapp with internet
  2. Now connect your laptop with the same internet which is being used by your mobile.
  3. Now open this link, here you will see a QR_CODE which you need to scan from your mobile.
  4. Now open whatsapp on your mobile and tap on menu icon.
  5. Now you will see menu, then click on Whatsapp Web option it will redirect you to QR_CODE scanner.
  6. Now Just scan QR_CODE from whatsapp website, it will automatically connect your mobile with website then you can use whatsapp on your computer. It will help you to share the content from your computer to the whatsapp.


2) Whatsapp on Pc by Android Virtual Machine

The second way to use whatsapp on the computer you have to create the android virtual machine on your computer. There are many software available online which help us to create the android virtual machine. But the most popular with extra features software is Bluestack. You have to download the bluestack on your computer and install it. After that you need to run it and it will looks same as your android mobile. Go to play store on bluestack software and install whatsapp and follow the instructions.